Welcome to the Lakeside Dental Practice Home Page. We are your local Queenstown Dentist in the Queenstown CBD with car parking in town. If you have tooth pain today, call us for your Dentist with thirty years of experience in Queenstown, and we will try to get you in today. Let our friendly team’s expertise make your visit comfortable with our special near painless injection techniques. From when you initially come to our central  dental Queenstown practice, we will explain your complicated technical treatment in an easy to understand language, or highly technical, whichever you prefer, your dental concerns are our priority to help you. Our relaxed setting with the lakeside view of the beautiful Lake Wakatipu from our dental chair allows you to watch the array of nearly every type of marine vessel invented pass by, from the Shark or jet boats, to parasailing and the SS Earnslaw. After our insightful and detailed explanation of your treatment requirements, you will then understand the high tech, complex and intricate dental treatments performed to high standards of excellence by our practice more easily. If you still need further information, please never hesitate to ask us by phone on (03) 4418248 or by e-mail:



We offer a wide range of dental services that can manage complex oral rehabilitation to reconstruct your dentition, or simply check and clean your teeth offering useful tips and tricks to maintain good oral health and how to manage the odd chocolate fix, if you have healthy teeth, with a variety of cost options for all your treatment. Our comprehensive consultations offer advice on how best to solve your particular needs, as mentioned, offering useful daily tricks to reduce the risks of your symptoms recurring and how to prevent future problems from occurring, but like all relationships, it takes two sides to co-operate. Bad habits can be hard to kick. Our easy steps for oral hygiene, sweet acidity control, bruxism and diet adjustments and many others will all make a difference, when adhered too.

We have been a local Queenstown Dentist for nearly twenty years, offering helpful and comfortable dentistry to our patients, and we welcome all new patients and family dentistry from Dr. Adrian Paul, with thirty years of experience.



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Your local Queenstown Dentist offers a comprehensive dental service for all your needs, a friendly one stop clinic of excellence for professional high quality standards.



The difference between a General Anaesthetic (GA) and Conscious Sedation performed in Dental Clinics is that GA is only administered in hospitals in New Zealand and requires a registered specialist anaesthetist with years of specialist training because the patient is placed into surgical anaesthesia, this involves loss of airway control so you need a tube down your throat to keep you breathing, you cannot be aroused with pain stimulus that means you are really asleep, and therefore requires drug regimes to reverse processes and the dental clinic sedation is that you are awake, but very, very sleepy and levels of consciousness can be controlled accurately with patient monitoring that we use at Lakeside Dental Practice, where Dr. Adrian Paul has completed many years of continual training in conscious sedation techniques to a level seven Emcare qualification, the same as a paramedic, until the Dental Council changed the regulations to a lesser standard of Advanced Care, but Adrian stills maintains his continual training and is a member of the New Zealand Society of Sedation in Dentistry. A detailed and concise medical history and informed consent forms are mandatory and some health problems can be contraindicated, meaning sedation is not advised.  The three types of conscious sedation Lakeside Dental Practice offers are

1.  Intravenous Sedation.  2.  Oral Sedation.  3.  Relative Analgesia or Nitrous Oxide/ Oxygen Sedation, often called Laughing Gas.





An Intravenous Sedation drug creates initial amnesia, making you forget the experience and varies between patients. The drug we use is Midazolam, a reversible benzodiazepine. This means we can administer an antidote, Anexate, if ever the procedure needs to be stopped. The drug affects the Hippocampus and Cingulate Gyrus that controls the relaxed and happy feelings from dopamine.  The dental procedures still require local anaesthesia to numb the teeth and gums.


It is useful for patients wth:-

  • Dental anxiety or phobia

  • Sensitive teeth, especially with a hygiene scale and polish clean

  • Difficulty getting numb

  • Complicated dental treatment

  • Fear of needles or needle phobia

  • Limited time to complete dental work and prefer longer appointments

  • Bad dental experiences in the past and so you prefer not to remember


Oral Sedation also requires the same stringent medical history and protocols, as it is the same drug, only administered with a couple of pills to swallow and wait approximately thirty to forty-five minutes for the medication to take effect. It is less controlled, and more so for those patients even too fearful for a needle in the arm to get access through a vein. Except the level of sedation is less than the I.V. sedation.


Nitrous Oxide is an inhalation gas mixed with oxygen gas through our regulator on the RA machine to control the amount or ratio of nitrous oxide to oxygen concentration you are  breathing and levels can be adjusted for the comfort you personally require. It is a quick and safer method of sedation than the others, except contraindicated for pregnant women and a minor number of other medical conditions. The effect is lesser than midazolam drug effects, but a great technique for a nervous patient to get them over the initial hurdle when combined with near painless injection techniques. You can drive after this sedation after waiting a mandatory period of time at the clinic for the drug effects to wear off. You can also eat before this sedation, unlike the others.

Car Parking is Available for Patients by your local  Queenstown Dentist clinic


We are the only central business district Queenstown Dentist Clinic offering our patients off street car parking for your convenience, as parking in Queenstown CBD can be difficult at times.


OUR COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES, please contact us for further enquires on phone (03) 4418248

Consultations or Check Ups


Adrian provides you with a complete competent overall treatment plan of you dental condition. Adrian provides great useful daily tricks and techniques to control cavities, plaque build-up, toothbrush abrasion, with brushing techniques and specialised brushes, acid and dietary sugar neutralisation that causes caries and erosion of your teeth that can create pits on the biting surfaces, just like when ground erosion causes landslips. Except teeth just fracture. Adrian describes how to reduce the effects of bruxism through night guards or bite splints and biomodulation laser therapy to reduce the bruxist’s effects that causes your teeth to wear down unevenly or with a saw tooth incisal edge. Long term and excessive forces cause a click (crepitus) in the your jaw joints from pre-arthritic changes to the joint capsule. The causes are stress, pharmacology and psychosomatic origins. There is much more information to describe, but you will need to book a consultation to find out.

Intra-Venous, Oral and RA Nitrous Oxide Sedation


We offer Intra venous sedation that involves placing a cannula into the median vein in your arm that allows us to administer midazolam drug, an anxiolytic calming drug that creates a very sleepy and relaxed feeling. You are conscious at all times, just very relaxed. We constantly monitor your body’s vital signs of blood oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide expired, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, perfusion index, Fractionated inspired carbon dioxide, AWR, and end tidal carbon dioxide and should we need to reverse the effects of the sedation, we have the antidote, Anexate, that immediately reverses the effects. Note all pharmacology have side effects, you are given informed consent instructions that are mandatory.

Emergency Dentistry


We always try to see dental emergencies on the same day and often get you at the end of day, since we are usually busy. Emergencies are seen by appointment. Please phone 03 4418248 if you have severe dental pain, acute trauma, or swelling of the face or neck.

Cosmetic Dentistry


We offer a wide range of cosmetic options depending upon budget, long term versus medium term maintenance and complexity of treatment planning, from oral surgical intervention, orthodontics and porcelain crowns and veneers, tooth whitening, implants and smile design, or using much cheaper composite (plastic like material) crowns, veneers and fillings with multiple layering of colours to achieve good results for a natural appearance.



We offer a variety of brands of implants that have high success rates for the right candidate using oral surgeons both locally and in the near major cities of Dunedin and Invercargill. Our two principal implant brands are Noble Biocare and Biomet. Not everyone can have implants if your dental health is not suitable to place the surgical fixture screw. There are some dental pathologies that reduce the success rates from 92% for upper jaw and slightly higher for lower jaw implants like smokers, auto-immune and metabolic disorders like diabetes, periodontitis or gum and bone disease with loose teeth, occasionally bisphosphonates, but often they are successful, and radiation therapy of the jaw and lower face. Otherwise they are a fabulous technique to restore gaps and spaces in your dentition, where failed root canals have been extracted or trauma has caused the loss of your tooth. When successful for the right patient, they can last a very long time. See the diagrams for implant techniques and the gallery for examples. This is at the leading edge of technology and so costs a lot of money. ACC contributes significantly to restoring the lost tooth in funding for trauma cases only.

Composite Restoration Dentistry


these are white plastic like fillings, we use the latest nanotechnology composite materials and bonding systems that are matched as closely as feasible to the surrounding tooth colour and designed with a specialised material, and in some cases have reinforced glass fibres in it for internal strength, where multiple shades are built up to give the tooth its shape and colour. They are a medium term and cost effective single treatment solution compared to porcelain or gold, with a longer predictable lifespan, but more expensive than composite. Compomers are a new technique that are in between a direct composite tooth veneer that can be very aesthetic and look great, but will wear down quicker, and a porcelain E-Max veneer and are priced in between the two.

NobelActive WP.jpg.thumbnail.319.319.png
Root Canal or Endodontic Dentistry


These are required when the nerve or pulp of the tooth gets infected by bacteria from either dental caries or heavily filled teeth that cannot protect the nerve fibres from overstimulation and irritate the dental pulp that leads down a pathway of inflammation and then infection, causing extreme pain at times. Trauma can expose the nerve or displace the tooth from its socket, and this will also kill the nerve or pulp and require endodontics or a root canal. This involves isolating the tooth that is very numb, so as not to feel pain, using a rubber dam, then accessing the nerve pulp chamber, locating the root openings or orifices, carefully measuring how long each one is, and there are multiple canals in molars and other teeth, then carefully, using specialised drill systems that can bend around curves, remove the nerve tissue and dissolve it with chemicals, then flush and dry the canal glide path to sterilise it. Patients are made aware that some canals have tortuous anatomical pathways and the Fotona laser photoacoustic shock wave debridement is a very efficient technique to remove this infected tissue. Then, depending whether or not there is infection surrounding the root, you return at a designated time line to fill the canal or obturate the prepared canal with a specialised gutta percha plug that is cemented at the apex of the root to act like a plug. Just like the plug in a basin to stop water leaking through it, to prevent bacteria getting back down the canal from the surrounding tissues. The crown is restored to prevent leakage into the root canal and risk of reinfection with various options, depending upon how much tooth structure is available.


 These are called removable protheses that means the teeth are taken out of the mouth, normally at night to sleep and be cleaned. Then cleaned again in the morning,  before being placed into the mouth to restore function and appearance of the dental smile and provide facial support. They are the least comfortable, but cheapest of all the techniques to replace teeth that are missing. Lakeside Dental Practice Queenstown Dentist can construct chrome cobalt dentures that have a streamline framework with accurate clasps strategically placed with the existing teeth to make them the most comfortable denture. An acrylic denture is the most cost effective technique, this is a plastic like material, but thicker for strength, and lacks the precision of the clasp techniques a chrome denture delivers.

Temperomandibular Dysfunction and Bruxism Dentistry


This is of special interest and wear facets can be either light or severe, where tooth grinding removes the layers of the teeth from the outside enamel prism to the dentine beneath and reveals the yellow/brown layer depending on primary, secondary or tertiary types. Initially it can cause sensitivity. It also causes uneven and saw tooth ridges on the front teeth edges, the incisal edge, which are unsightly. The long term heavy pressure on the jaw joint leads to a click in the joint capsule and in later life, pain to eating hard foods and a stiff jaw. Headaches, stiff jaw and tightness in the neck muscles, predominantly in the morning when immediately waking, can be caused by grinding or clenching your teeth. This bruxism damages the TMJ, the temporomandibular joint, where prevention is near impossible, since its root causes are difficult to control, stress, vivid dreams, pharmacopeia, and other factors can cause it, due to psychosomatic stimulus. There are several treatment options, like occlusal equilibration to even the bite, but predominantly wearing a bite splint or hard upper mouthguard designed to your specific occlusion, with help to act like a shock absorber, but sometimes the forces of the bruxism are greater and requires Botox to relax the muscles, or for temporary severe acute symptoms of lockjaw, a pharmacy prescription drug is necessary to relax the muscles.

Paediatric or Child Dentistry


We will see children of parents that are registered with the practice under the free School Dental Scheme until the age of their eighteenth birthday.

Smile Design Dentistry


We use digital smile design technology to create a smile profile to suit your facial appearance using photography and computer designed teeth shapes to guide the laboratory porcelain veneers, crowns or implants.

Porcelain Veneer Dentistry


These are a great long term technique for cosmetic whitening where minimal tooth removal is required, but they are more delicate than full coverage porcelain crowns, but with a little care, will be a great cosmetic result in conjunction with tooth whitening, since only anterior teeth can be veneered successfully. These are not for healthy teeth needing only whitening.

Crown and Bridge Dentistry


This is a useful long term technique that offers stable occlusion and high cosmetic effects that removes the need for less comfortable dentures. They are required in existing heavily filled teeth or trauma cases where large tooth structure loss occurs to replace the lost dentition. They are not used for unrestored teeth to make them whiter, this destroys a large amount of healthy tooth that can cause long term detrimental effects to the nerve of the tooth. We will not provide this service, but a bridge can be an excellent technique in a missing tooth and there are restored or filled teeth either side of the gap. We can fuse several crowns together on either a totally porcelain Procera frame or on a precious metal gold like material with porcelain fused to this in a heavy bite occlusion. The bridge or individual crown are cemented or glued in place and you will be shown oral hygiene techniques by this Queenstown Dentist to maintain hygiene as they are expensive.

Minor Oral Surgery and Wisdom Teeth Dentistry


We have an OPG jaw scan facilities to x-ray your wisdom teeth and determine the anatomical problems that can be associated with some wisdom teeth removal and whether IV Sedation is m ore appropriate for difficult cases, or sometimes a referral to our oral surgeon might be necessary.

Gum Treatment or Periodontics Dentistry


This is where patients have not been effectively cleaning their teeth properly, they are  cleaning twice daily, but with incorrect techniques leading to plaque forming calculus or tartar that harbours nasty odour forming bacteria that cause bad breath or halitosis and worse, bleeding gums and bone loss. This is due to the inflammatory response of the body to the bacterial toxins. These need to be removed by various technique’s, from simple scaling to deep root planning under local anaesthetic and in combination with laser dentistry, effective oral hygiene, mouth washes and professional dental maintenance at Queenstown Dentist Lakeside Dental Practice, are, in combination, very effective in treating gum disease and bone disease around the teeth. The deep cleaning technique requires anaesthesia to numb the teeth, as they are too painful otherwise, to mechanically remove the calculus from above and below the gum line, when cleaning the root surface, this is called root planning. Scaling the tartar above the gum line is what most people require in a simple scale and polish, with recommended cleanings between six months and a year, depending upon brushing efficacy.

Teeth Whitening


Lakeside Dental Practice, Queenstown Dentist offer Beyond blue light whitening that is completed in one visit and takes approximately one hour. We also discuss various options for start-up whitening with home whitening trays and whitening gel combinations, or stand-alone home whitening systems and top up maintenance.

Snore and Sleep Apnoea Device Dentistry


An upper and lower device can be fitted that pushes forward the lower jaw to reposition it to open the posterior aspect of the soft palate allowing more room for the u shape soft tissue called the uvula to allow air to pass as we breath. When the space constricts, the air vibration causes the snoring noise, this can vary in decibels between people. A Fotona laser uvulaectomy to round off the sharp edges of the soft palate and allow more air flow helps reduce this effect, but requires annual maintenance since the body will regenerate the natural sharp anatomy again and create the narrow airway, and thus causing the noise of forced air, the stridorous snoring.

ACC or Accident Compensaion Corp Dentistry


We are a registered ACC provider and can offer all the above services if related to trauma only.




Dr. Adrian Paul

Dental Surgeon

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When needing an emergency root canal, Adrian went above and beyond to accomodate me and fit me in. He and his assistant were very friendly and the entire procedure was very pleasant and painless.

Anthony C-W

We've been using this family dental practice for many years. Can't fault these guys. Adrian and Clare treat you like family. Easy folks to deal with. We recommend Lakeside Dental Practice without any hesitation.

Peter MacKay

greeted by a lovely friendly receptionist that explained where everything was, great facility for kids I have a 1 year old and there was a kiddy section in the waiting room.

*slight wait for the appointment but I don't mind waiting a little when you get the service You receive

*im petrified of needles so got offered gas (you even get to pick the flavour) and numb cream for gums (also get to pick flavour)

*when you lie back in the chair your looking at a flat screen tv.

*the dentist explains thoroughly what you need to get done and sets a plan in place and works around a time frame that you can afford

*He also gave me some really handy tips that I've never been told before

Can hands down recommend this dentist, and for me to say that, trust me that's a lot!

Thanks for a good experience

Maria Donnelly