Before Veneer, note upper right front tooth existing veneer, and requires scale and polish.

Anterior front left tooth trauma fractured central incisal edge

  Two New Front Veneers after cleaning teeth with scale and polish.

Anterior Composite White Filling restoration on upper left front central incisor after cosmetic treatment. 

Tooth Whitening Before In Surgery Technique Beyond System

Both Anterior Central Incisor trauma  enamel-dentine fractures. 

Posterior molar fractured tooth before treatment.

Anterior enamel fracture upper left central incisor due to trauma and tiny chip to upper right old composite build up on upper right central incisor.

Tooth Whitening after In Surgery Beyond System approximately one hour.

After Cosmetic Anterior Composite Build Ups to restore smile line with Adrian's smile design techniques.

After restoration with a Procera Porcelain crown.

After cosmetic detailed incisal edge smile design by Adrian.

Anterior crowns before treatment uneven and discoloured upper right canine.

Upper left second premolar E-Max crown

After smile design techniques by Adrian created a more aesthetic result.

Upper left first premolar implant Procera crown.

Anterior upper right lateral incisor and central incisor luxation injury causing gingival tear, the tooth was pushed backwards tearing the gums.

Both teeth required extraction due to failure and a Procera implant crown with Biomet fixture was placed into the space with a Procera porcelain crown fitted to the upper left central incisor for spacial smile design and a little composite build up on the upper right canine to create aesthics.

After fourteen years post trauma where front teeth were lost and replaced with Noble Biocare implant Procera crowns and Procera crowns on root filled teeth due to nerve exposures. Can you pick which are the implants and which are the root filled crowned teeth. E-mail or phone us your answers, to see if you are right?

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