Useful Tips and Tricks

1. Remember not to eat sweet foods like chocolate, biscuits, hot chocolate drinks and carbonated drinks too late at night as the sugar simply stagnants in your saliva because the saliva rate of production slows down when we sleep, preventing the sweet carbohydrate from washing down our throats. This leads to an increase risk of caries or cavities in our teeth.

2. A useful trick is to neutralise acids after eating sweet foods. There are a few ways to do this, simply cleaning your teeth only does half the chemistry, as you can never remove every aspect of plaque, therefore drinking an alkaline liquid like milk, cow, almond or soy, or eating cheese or a tablespoon of unsweetened natural yoghurt and then drinking some water to wash away the sweet acidity will all help neutralise acids in your saliva. Another trick is to rinse with bicarbonate of soda, a teaspoon in 300ml of water, but don't swallow it.